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How to design your wedding mood board

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Many couples find themselves lost in a mountain of Pinterest boards and social media images with no clear decision on their style and theme. Styling your wedding is more than choosing the centrepieces or the colour of the bridesmaid's dresses, it's about creating an atmosphere and a look that reflects your individual style.

Pastel and rustic mood board

A starting point when defining your wedding style is to create a mood board, and don't worry if this sounds fancy and arty, if you’ve already began to pin images on Pinterest you are already half way there.

A mood board allows you to gather your thoughts so that you are able to visualise images side by side.

HOW TO GET STARTED Before you get started with searching for images think about the kind of wedding you want, whether it be fun, laidback, rustic, black tie, etc. Don't put too much pressure on this part, just starting thinking of any words that come to mind. You don't want to have a long list, try to keep this down to 3-5 words.

Once you've thought of a few words or phrases it's time to begin searching. Try to keep these words in mind when you begin looking. Some of the best places to find inspiration are on Pinterest, which will also help you to align your wedding vision when searching for multiple elements. It’s also important to try not to be sidetracked by other styles, it’s certainly very easy to but you want to stay true to your personalities.

Rustic mood board

Now you've spent some time collecting a few images it's time to narrow these down. Only pick the ones that stand out to you the most and try to limit yourself to 6-8 images. Once you have a selection it's time to start on your moodboard!


spring mood board

Once you've narrowed down your images there are a few ways you can create your mood board, My favourite is the traditional cutting and sticking method, I love a chance to grab a bunch of magazines and start flicking through them! You can also create a new board on Pinterest or create a digital mood board on platforms such as Canva.

As you fit the images side by side always remember the look of your venue and the style you want to achieve. If there are any images you're unsure of come back to them and see if there are any other’s that fit in better. As the images become a permanent fixture to your board a style and colour palette will start to form.

FINALISING YOUR MOOD BOARD When considering your colour scheme try not to become bogged down by a specific colour and don’t worry that everything must match. Consider a range of colours that compliment one another, whether this be a contrasting colour or lighter and darker tones. If you've got a couple of images with bright colours you'll want to reconsider any with duskier tones and vice versa.

Don’t forget to really make your mood board your own, you can always add words and patterns, or if you're creating a physical mood board why not add some fabric swatches on there as well.

WHAT NOW? Now that you've put together your mood board for your overall wedding style you can start to refine the smaller details such as florals, cake or attire. Remember to follow the same steps as above.

Once you’ve created yourself a collection of mood boards you can always come back to these throughout the planning process and use them as a reference point for you and your suppliers.

If you find yourself needing a little assistance with the design elements of your wedding I'm always happy to help. With my Design Consultation package we can meet for an informal chat where we can go over your initial ideas and collaborate to create a design proposal for your day.

A Few Tips To Remember:

1 - Always consider your venue.

You don’t want to be pinning images when you won’t have the space or height available at your venue. On your visit to the venue take photos from all angles, it’s easy to forget what a space can look like.

2 - Don’t go overboard

Choose one image that inspired you from the moment you came across it and add 5-6 other images that all flow together. As soon as you start adding more images your theme and inspiration can get lost.

3 - Keep colours limited

Similar to images you want to keep your colours fairly simple, keep these limited to three or four and try not get get bogged down with a specific colour. You’ll want to consider a couple of primary colours which will include lighter and darker tones.

4 - Have fun!

Planning your wedding should be fun, so try not to overthink your moodboard. There’s no right or wrong answer!

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