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Jodie, a young woman with fair skin and auburn hair, who runs Knotted in Love, sat on a bench surrounded by greenery

Meet Jodie

Planner. Stylist. Friend.

I’m a Yorkshire girl, born and bred, a hopeless romantic and a lover of cake. For me, there’s something about being surrounded by the countryside that feels like a breath of fresh air. You can often find me outside walking (or occasionally running) with some of my best ideas being inspired by nature. 


I have had a soft spot for weddings for many years now, but my love for wedding dresses and elegant ballgowns will last a lifetime. When I was younger you could always find me looking at the latest catwalks and drawing up new designs, fast forward several years and I’m playing dress up at any given opportunity (a quick nip to the shopping centre can sometimes last hours). 

So why not bridal design? After several years of working in an office, I decided it was time to hone in on my creative flair, love for helping others and obsession with organisation. I wanted to  create a bespoke service to be that understanding friend that helps your vision to become a reality, whilst you and your partner sit back and have all of the fun. 

We all have our own personal style, even when it comes to a wedding. So whether you’re looking for help with the full planning process, on the day coordination or you just want to run some ideas by someone within the industry just give me a call or drop me a text, I’m always excited to discuss any wedding!

Wedding Planner setting up a colourful wedding table, of pinks, purples and teal colours, for On the Day Coordination
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