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How to relax and de-stress whilst planning your wedding

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Films and books from an early age teach us that planning your wedding is a magical occasion from beginning to end, filled with magic wands and oohs and aahs (I'm thinking of you Cinderella and Ariel). It's easy to forget that real life can get in the way and we can become stuck in our own heads with worry and stress, but it is perfectly normal, we all experience things differently. I want to give you five tips to hopefully reignite that spark.

1. Stay Connected With Your Partner

Whether your partner is onboard throughout the planning process or not, it's important to make time for each other. Once a fortnight or even once a month, treat yourselves to a date night. It could be putting on a fancy dress and going out to your favourite restaurant, or just staying in and cooking a delicious meal, the important part is that you and your partner enjoy yourselves. Don't forget to ban all wedding talk!

2. Keep Moving

From dress fittings to supplier visits, your schedule may start to look a little jam packed, but remember to take care of yourself. It's amazing what a twenty minute to half an hour sweat session can do to calm you down and keep you relaxed. It doesn't have to be super intense, I'm not suggesting drop down and give me fifty burpees, just something that elevates your heart rate and gets you moving. Some other options can be a brisk walk, a cycle round the park or check out YouTube for an at home workout. Not only will you feel better, but you'll also feel toned and gorgeous.

3. Pamper Yourself

Take some time out for you, we've all got to be selfish at some point. Treat yourself to a spa day and indulge in a manicure or a massage. Or even if time and money is a little tight, treat yourself to a candlelit bubble bath and a home facial. Do anything that helps you to sit back and unwind.

4. Breathe and Meditate

Another option you can try is meditation. It may feel strange at first, however, if you can practice it for a couple of minutes a day or even a week, you may just find a little bit of quiet within yourself. To get started you should find somewhere quiet, make yourself comfortable, close your eyes, and just breathe. You may feel silly but let any of those thoughts disappear, and focus on just your breath. As with anything the more you practice the easier it'll become. If you're struggling there are always plenty of guided meditations to help you through such as Head Space or Calm.

5. Be Present and Enjoy The Moment

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when planning your wedding; everyone is offering suggestions, you’re meeting many new people and making big decisions all at the same time. Big moments such as bridal dress shopping or menu tasting should be enjoyed and relished. My strongest piece of advice is don’t think about the bigger picture, but step back and savour the moment. After all, you’ll only be doing this once.

Even if you take on board just one of the five tips hopefully you’ll find yourself relaxing that little bit more and find the enjoyment in planning your wedding again!

But if you do still find yourself struggling then check out my planning services and let me take the stress away, or I even also offer 1 hour wedding consultations for free to help you get back on track. Just contact me below if you have any queries!

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