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Wedding Stationery - Save the Dates, RSVPs...

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Dark green wedding stationery suite laid out on an oak table, featuring flowers, a wedding ring in a white ring box and hair twine accessories as decorations

Stationery - Foxglove Press | Hair Accessories - Elsa Rose Boutique

When do I post any of my stationery out to my guests?

This is one of the many questions I’ve heard from couples when it comes to their wedding stationery, and it doesn’t need to be complicated.

If you are having your stationery designed and printed, your stationer can guide you through the process. However, if you are printing everything yourself you can follow the guide below:

Save the Dates - 12-18 months

The sooner you can send your Save the Dates out the more effective they will be. If your wedding date is around a bank holiday, popular time of the year (Easter, New Year etc), or during the school holidays, you will want to make your guests aware as soon as possible to avoid them double booking any other events. If you book your venue two years in advance, send your save the dates a couple of months after booking.

Invitations - 6-8 months

Send your invitations out around 6-8 months before your wedding day. This sends a nice reminder to your guests, it gives you plenty of time to chase them up for a response, and it’s the first sneak peak of your wedding theme/style.

Stationery - Celebrationery Goods

RSVPs - 2-3 months

To give you more peace of mind it’s better to receive your RSVPs as soon as possible, but make sure you check with your caterer/venue to see if they have any specific deadlines. Many guests will leave it to the last minute to respond, and though you will not want to mean it, sometimes you will need to give an ultimatum to your guests so they get a shimmy on and give you an answer. Also stress to your guests you want to ensure no one has any dietary requirements or allergies.

Guest Management

If you find you do not have the time to be following up with guests and chasing them for a response, I offer a Guest Management service where I can assist you with chasing up those RSVPs and any dietary requirements. I can also assist your guests finding a hotel or making them aware of any changes to the wedding day. To find out more information about this service click here

If you have any queries about the Guest Management service or if you are needing help locating a stationer give me a call or send me a message, I always love hearing about your wedding ideas!

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