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Planning for Rain

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

As we approach the Autumn and Winter months the possibility of rain is even more likely (though this is England so who knows!), and I can imagine as your wedding day nears closer you’ll be watching the weather every day. If there is a slight chance of rain, I completely understand that you’ll be fearing the worst, we’ve all been there.

However, if it does rain please try not to spend all day worrying, in some cultures it is considered to be good luck to have rain on your wedding day, as it symbolises a stronger bond. Not only that, but you will have a whole team of suppliers who are prepared for these situations! Especially your photographer, who will be a miracle worker, when it comes to dealing with rain they just know what to do.

If you are forecasted rain for your wedding day, you will be able to find a few tips below to help you prepare:

  • Have a Plan B. If you are due to have an outdoor ceremony discuss some alternative options with the venue. They will always have a contingency plan, whether it be a covered area or moving the ceremony inside.

  • Discuss your options with your suppliers. Chances are your suppliers will have years of experience with last minute changes, and will know exactly what to do. Don’t forget to trust your photographer (and videographer).

  • Purchase some umbrellas and have them on standby. If you can, you could always try to pick up some white or clear umbrellas as it will help your photographer to capture some beautiful images. Or alternatively, why not tie them into your theme? Anyone has to know they were a last minute purchase!

  • Cuddle up. With a drop in temperature this gives you the perfect excuse to spend a couple of hours cuddling up to your partner. Also it may be worth investing in some blankets for your guests, so they too can wrap up and enjoy the night ahead.

  • Embrace the weather. When you look back on your wedding day you won’t be looking or thinking about the rain!

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